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WrestleMania XXX Journal Day 3 - Friday April 4 (Part 2)

WrestleMania XXX Journal Day 3 Review (Part 2)

After our swamp tour adventure, we were dropped back off at our hotel. Not staying long inside our room, we decided to get a bite to eat at Pat O'Brien's courtyard on Bourbon Street to use some of our $50 gift cards from the travel package.

I had never been to Pat O'Brien's before, but it was easy to locate being on Bourbon Street and also right next to the Preservation Jazz Hall. 

Legends' House

I really enjoyed the first episode of Legends' House on the WWE Network. It was well worth the wait for this highly anticipated show, as it was first announced a couple years ago. 

Week 2: WWE Standings as of Superstars 4/19/14 (Started 4/7/14 Raw "The New Season: The Night After WrestleMania XXX")

WWE Standings as of Superstars 4/19/14:
(“No Contest” result is taken as a tie)

Singles (Win-Loss-Tie) (win percentage):

Thursday, April 17, 2014


One Warrior Nation

(I took a picture of my Ultimate Warrior t-shirt on my hotel room bed before wearing to the Hall of Fame)
In 1998, when Warrior came back to professional wrestling in WCW, I was beyond excited. I was a member of the One Warrior Nation and was glad to see him come back to face the New World Order. Even though it was short-lived, I bought into it and loved it. I was fifteen years old at the time and had watched Warrior since I was a little kid. In middle school in 1996, I made a horrible wire sculpture in a science class, with a friend, of The Ultimate Warrior and Goldust who were feuding at the time. Our favorite line in watching Monday Night Raw was when The Ultimate Warrior called Goldust a "FREAAAAAAAK!" 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finding that "Something"

Over the course of the last year, I have been trying to find that “something else to do.” I wanted to find not just anything, but a “thing” that would be meaningful and purposeful. Tossing around numerous ideas in my mind and aloud did not satisfy me, as all of those seemed directionless or purely selfish.

Certain events over the past couple months have directed me to something that I am excited to be a part of.

Why am I writing about this here? Well, it is professional wrestling related…

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WrestleMania XXX Journal Day 3 - Friday April 4 (Part 1)

WrestleMania XXX Journal Day 3 Review (Part 1)

With all of the business of WrestleMania XXX week, I did not get an opportunity to write about anything else while I was there. Therefore, these journals are a reflection of events in New Orleans upon returning to Los Angeles.

In the lobby of the Marriott there were a couple WrestleMania banners and even a merchandise stand!
(WrestleMania XXX Banner in the Canal Street Marriott)

Week 1: WWE Win/Loss Standings as of SmackDown 4/11/14 (Started on 4/7/14 Raw) "The New WWE Season"

This was a week of the "new" in WWE. The top singles performers are either rookies or those who are returning to WWE. It will be fascinating to see where Daniel Bryan goes from here after a DQ loss to Triple H on Raw and a win with The Usos on Smackdown. Paige getting a surprise debut Divas Championship win against AJ Lee is also very notable as the "new season" of WWE starts. I was surprised by the amount of tag team and 6-man tag team matches on WWE programming this week, but it is a great way to feature many Superstars coming out of WrestleMania XXX.

On the NXT side of things, the soon to be WWE debuting Adam Rose and Bo Dallas both obtained wins while Mojo Rawley stayed hyped enough again to win. 

WWE Standings as of Smackdown 4/11/14:

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